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Can I have my windshield replaced at my home or work?

Yes you can! Our tools and materials are made so we can come right to your home or work and perform auto glass replacement or repair service. In fact most service is performed quickly and safely in your driveway or office parking area. Don’t forget our mobile service is performed free for you at no extra cost. Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your vehicle to us. We can also provide in shop service at our location.

How long does it take to replace or repair my glass?

In most cases replacement service takes about a hour to complete and then the windshield should rest for one to two hours before driving. Windshield repair service is usually a bit shorter of a service and takes about a half hour. Please remember that all makes and models are different and these times can vary.

What will happen to my inspection sticker?

In most cases the inspection sticker can be saved and is able to be replaced back on the new windshield

What happens to my rear view mirror with my new windshield?

The quality of glass that we install allows for the new windshield to come with a new mirror button attachment already installed on it. We simply remove the rear view mirror from the old windshield and install on the new windshield.

What will I see when my windshield repair is completed?

As long as the damaged area is repaired in a timely manner, a Windshield Repair will normally restore between 75% and up of the visual clarity back to the damaged area. In most cases all that you are left with is a smudge smaller then size of an eraser head on a pencil. Remember, the purpose of the repair is to keep the damaged area from spreading across the windshield causing you to have to replace it.